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Отзыв Бернардо из Аргентины

We were surprised by the hospitality and good vibes of all the Russian people. We have really noticed that negative publicity from Russia is very strong and has nothing to do with reality! I could see firsthand how the hegemonic means of communication work and it has given me a lot of anger.

They really made us feel very good and we loved every moment we were in your beautiful country.

The country clearly has a lot to grow and develop (much less than in my country), and I think you should be more open to tourism because it can be an important source of income. We have been on tourist cruises in Moscow and St. Petersburg and without English translation. I think those things are important.

I really do not want you to stay with my "complaints" because it has really been a wonderful trip and I say again that I am in love with Russia and your People.

Bernardo Lafosse, Argentina



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